4 Great Renovations to Make Before Selling a Home

There’s a number of homes for sale in Upper Darby so when you add yours to the roundup, make sure you’ve taken extra measures to create a property that stands out from the rest and that brings the most value in your direction. The endless renovation ideas make it easy to get just what you want in your remodel. However, these four renovations upper darby pa pros can accomplish are among the best.

1.    Garage Door: It costs about $3,400 to replace the garage door, but it’s a good investment. The garage door is a focal point for many homes and the money spent to improve the style and efficiency is always well spent. There are tons of great styles of garage doors that will bring the look that you want!

2.    Entry Door: At a cost of just over $1,400, a new entry door can help you add curb appeal to the property, increase the home value, and protect your home against weather damage and safety issues. A steel door is the most commonly installed entrance door.

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3.    Wood Deck: A wood deck is a bit costlier with an average price of just over $10k. But, the deck offers a great resale value for the home, provides a lavish place to enjoy the outside, and makes socializing simple. It’s an addition worth the money. You can get what you want when you add a wood deck!

4.    Siding Replacement: Vinyl siding is the most commonly used siding on the exterior today. It costs about $15,319 to update it, but it brings impressive style to the home, great weather protection and more.

The four additions here are worth making if you want to get the most out of your home space before selling. Don’t wait to make that call!